About Us

John, Kerry and Bill Dooley
John, Kerry and Bill Dooley

Who is Dooleys Masonry?

We are a team of experienced stone masons who provide a number of bespoke solutions to your stone masonry, building and decoration needs.

Need a man of stone?

We are the ones for the job.

What does a stone mason do?

  • Stone Restoration
  • Stone Buildings and Decorations
  • Decorative stone craft.

How long have you been business ?

Our business dates back over 3 generations of Dooley men.

Our company enjoys a unique reputation, won in large through the fortunate association over many years with the beautiful now famous immensely versatile, workable Oamaru stone which is highly sought after even more today for it’s decorative effects as much as for it’s durability, as it was when settlers to this land began working it over a century ago.

The expertise of our company began to flourish in those long-past times of initial development and have endured until the present, itself a witness to our large range of products and services to suit the need of everyone from the architectural consultant to the weekend odd-job family group.

Beauty may be in the eyes of the beholder but with Oamaru Stone the beauty abounds in all stages, from the rough hewn product of the Parkside Quarry near Weston North Otago, to the final garden piece or building column; and, is given it’s versatility, very little of this beauty is ever wasted.

What buildings have your worked on?

  • Criterion Hotel – Tyne Street.
  • Oamaru Opera House
  • Thames Street Trooper Jack
  • Waitaki City Council
  • Waitaki Boys High School Oamaru
  • Dunedin Railway Station

What services do you provide?

  • Store Restoration
  • Stone Masonry
  • Decorative Stone Crafts including: Mail Boxes, Sculptures, Tiles, Bird Baths, Tablets and Garden Decorations
  • Stone Columns, Windows, balustrades and more. Have a look around a website at some of our work.

If I wanted to work with you how does the process work?

Give us a call and talk to john and kerry about your project requirements and we can work from there.

Call us now on (03) 434 -7091 or come see us at Dooleys  13 OUSE STREET OAMARU

Email: dooleysmasonry@xtra.co.nz