Stone Windows

window stone

Do you have stone windows that are looking a little worse for wear? Here at Dooley’s Masonry can create beautiful new stone windows OR restore your older windows to their former glory.

Stone Restoration

While stone has been used as a strong building material that has been used for thousands of years… it can accumulate damage overtime. Older buildings can have weathering issues, deterioration or cuts and grooves in the surface, or faded and changes of colour.

What can we fix?

Damaged, Cracked, Split, Eroded, Oxidising, Spalling, Sandstone and Limestone Masonry. Walls, windowcills, stone mullions, stone props, center props, stone legs,  lintels, jambs, cornice, copings and plinths.

How Does Stone Window Restoration Process Work?

STEP ONE – First we need to hear a little more about your project so we can get a feel for the materials involved and how much work it will be. Request a free quote here

Here are some details we need to give you an accurate quote:

  • The windows dimensions (width, height, depth)
  • Their destination address.

STEP TWO – We will ring you to glean any extra details and depending on the scope of the project we perform an onsite visit.

STEP THREE – Once we know the scope of the project we will do up a quote and talk you through the in’s and outs.

STEP FOUR – Arrange a time to start work.

What areas do you service?

We are based in Oamaru, New Zealand but work on projects New Zealand Wide.  We have worked on limestone buildings in New Zealand and Australia. Simply get in touch with us about your project and location and we can talk through the details.