Oamaru Stone Columns


Do you need Oamaru Stone & Reinforced Concrete Columns, Ballustrades or Coping Stones designed for your home or your next project?

We are Oamaru Stone and Limestone specialists and provide bespoke column design and also have a portfolio to choose from. If you are interested including stone columns in your next project (or need restoration) then get in touch with us to talk about your project.

How Does Oamaru Stone Columns Process Work?

STEP ONE – First we need to hear a little more about your project so we can get a feel for the materials involved and how much work it will be involved. Head to out contact page and drop us a line about your project – here

STEP TWO – We will ring you to glean any extra details and depending on the scope of the project we perform an onsite visit.

STEP THREE – Once we know the scope of the project we will do up a quote and talk you through the in’s and outs.

STEP FOUR – We start creating your crafting your columns

STEP FIVE – Transport and Installation.

See some of our work limestone and columns:

Let us design and craft the perfect stone columns for your home or project

Oamaru Stone Columns and Reinforced Concrete Columns come in all shapes and sized and have always captured human imagination and have been included in the structure of every civilization, great and small, throughout the ages.

With benefits of today’s technology and tools having stone columns is cost effective in even the most modest home to the grandest of buildings.

Illustrated above are some of the ways our company have employed expertise in this field, also the various column designs. Included are decorative coping stones (left & right) and balustrades for which we have become well known throughout New Zealand.

Need a decorative oamaru stone column for your garden?

A natural extension to the classical column is of course the decorative garden piece – the sun dial, the birdbath and, latterly even a stone letterbox which in turn has yielded its pride of place to the garden sculpture. It is perhaps in this field that the local white stone of Oamaru demonstrates to the world its versatility as it yields easily and graciously to the tools of craftsmen and artists alike.