Oamaru Stone Balustrades

Our past work making Oamaru Stone BalustradesOamaru Stone Balustrades make a perfect addition to both residential and commercial projects and add a taste of distinctive architecture to gardens, lawns, patio’s, balcony’s, courtyards, stairs or terraces. 

We provide bespoke solutions as well as having a huge portfolio of past work you can review to choose the perfect design for your next project.

You can really add to the personality of your property or project with this versatile stone. Why not put a little bit of Oamaru History into your next project?

What are Oamaru Stone Balustrades?

Ornamental Stone to hold hand rail up. We specialize in handcrafting (and installing) beautiful and ornate limestone balustrades for commercial and residential use. Here you can see how we have used limestone to make Balustrades in a number of settings.

See examples of our past work

How much do they cost?

The cost of your balustrades will vary depending on the scope of your project and the amount of stone and materials which will be used. The easiest way to get a cost is to request a free quote.

How does the process work?

STEP ONE – First we need to hear a little more about your project so we can get a feel for the materials involved and how much work it will be. Head to out contact page and drop us a line about your project – here

STEP TWO – We will ring you to glean any extra details and depending on the scope of the project we perform an onsite visit and send you a portfolio to look through.

STEP THREE – Once we know the scope of the project we will do up a quote and talk you through the in’s and outs.

STEP FOUR – Arrange a time to start work.

Get Started – Tell us more about your Oamaru Stone Balustrades project