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How Does The Stone Masonry Quoting Process Work?

STEP ONE – First we need to hear a little more about your project so we can get a feel for the materials involved, the space it will be sitting in, the size and how much work it will be involved. *Fill in the form below and give us as much detail as you can (know) about your project – don’t worry if you cant answer everything this is just a jumping off point

Here are a few details you should include (just fill in the ones you can).

  • Your name
  • The destination address the stone will end up in – ( this lets us quote freight costs)
  • Your contact number
  • The service / materials / work you require
  • Any specific questions you would like us to answer

Along with extra details that let us figure out how many materials are needed

  • How many columns or stone pieces you need.
  • The size, height, diameter of columns
  • The dimensions of the fire or window that the fire surrounds or windows have to wrap around
  • The depth of the mantel shelf or the stone required.
  • Dimensions of the fire surrounds and the wall its going on.

STEP TWO – We will ring you to glean any extra details… (depending on the scope of the project we also come out and visit you to do a quote.)

STEP THREE – You choose a design on our website or send us any photos, sketches or drawings of the design you are looking for. (We can Manufacture your stone from a photo or sketch.)

STEP FOUR – Once we know the scope of the project we will do up a quote and talk you through the in’s and outs so you are clear about what is involved and the costs. The quote will include.

  • Material Costs
  • Labor Costs
  • Design costs (for bespoke solutions)
  • Freight Costs to the final destination.

STEP FIVE – We start sculpting the stone and have it freighted to it’s final destination so it can be installed. If you do not have someone on site who can install the stone we can also recommend skilled stone masons in your area who can install it for you.

I would like a quote.